Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kerala is a state famous for its traditional jewellery. Kerala’s traditional jewels are Kasu malai, Mullai Poo Malai, Maanga Malai, Jimuki, Poo-thali, Palakka Necklace, Mani malai etc. Kerala is well-known for its beautiful designs and less weighted jewels. Now-a-days young girls are showing their interest in Kerala jewels because of its designs and also it looks big in size. Due to its less weight we should handle it safely.Traditional jewellery of Kerala and their weight history (how many grams are need for making it) are given below:Kasu malai ---> 32 gramsJimuki ---> 6 gramsChain 24 inches ---> 8 gramsChain 18 inches ---> 6 gramsKerala Bangle ---> 6 gramsMaanga malai ---> 32 grams

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